Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Aller Bush Telegraph

Please visit our new village website. This is where you can see what is going on in the village and it will run alongside the ABT.

It's a place for you to access village information and also to post your own comments and ideas. All input is very welcome, but remember, it can be read by ANYONE - anywhere in the world.

Please leave your comments by clicking on the link below. You can do this anonymously if you don't have a Google or OpenID account, but we would prefer you to leave your name at the foot of your comment.

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  1. For anyone unsure on how to leave a comment here is the simple version.
    Click on the comment link at the foot of the Post. This also shows how many comments there are related to that post.
    Type your comment into the box that appears, then press the Post Comment button below.
    WARNING - there is no spell checker and no formatting in the Comment editor.


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