Saturday, 22 January 2011

Suffering from dropouts?

We want to try to survey the quality of broadband in Aller, to take the matter up with BT Openreach who have a monopoly position in supplying lines in the area. You can take our survey now, it should only take a couple of minutes. Click here to take survey or visit the link in the left hand bar.

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We think the broadband provision in the village is pretty poor. Speeds are quite slow and everyone we speak to, regardless of the supplier they use, seems to suffer from dropouts (loss of internet service where you get a message saying 'unable to access server' or something equivalent). This proves a real problem for us at our NetBuddies class in The Pound, but it does appear to be a common problem in the area. You can check your speed, and other users in your postcode at Here's a typical result, on a good day (for High Street).

We should be within the normal limits for receiving broadband over phone lines, and the exchange at Langport is relatively modern, and in Langport itself the provision is quite good.

You can check your actual broadband speed (which does vary during the day) using the checker here.

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