Monday, 28 February 2011

Meeting our MEP about Broadband

We have a meeting with Graham Watson, our MEP arranged for Saturday, 19th March at 9.45am. Anyone who wants to be part of that meeting please confirm to 01458 250603 as soon as possible. If you are attending, please arrive at the Village Hall by 9.30, as we have a limited amount of Graham's time, and need to get our case together in advance. We hope to have a good representation of village residents and businesses to put our case for better broadband provision in the area.

23 people have responded to the survey from this web site so far. Two thirds of respondents are dissatisfied with the service they receive. We have produced an interim summary of our results to date (7/3) and you can read it here. The survey will remain running until at least the end of March, with new results added to the existing ones.

For reference, you can look at the Government statement on their policy, here. This is what they say -

"Effective, reliable and secure communications infrastructure is increasingly essential to life in our rural communities and we must make sure that they can benefit from the convenience of the delivery of online services – whether those come from government, local authorities or the private sector.
Local participation in deciding what is the most useful and appropriate communications solution for your own community is one of the themes of this strategy. We want to do more than bridge the digital divide – we want communities to have the tools to participate fully in the Big Society."

 Britain’s Superfast Broadband Future
December 2010

Is this what we are getting in Aller? 

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