Tuesday, 19 July 2011

New poles don't mean Superfast Broadband!

Contrary to rumour - the replacement telegraph poles in the village will not make broadband any faster. They are purely part of a regular replacement cycle and the main cables have not been touched.

However - we do now have Broadband connected and running in the Village Hall. Speeds are moderate, not as fast as some parts of the village towards Langport, but a lot better than Vale View or the Drove. Now we need to know how YOU would like to use the service. Post a comment below with your ideas of how we can make this useful to all the village, including those who have no broadband or computer at home.

We can make it a WiFi hotspot, so anyone could easily connect their own laptop (or smartphone) to collect or send emails etc without access to the Hall itself. We have two community computers for those who don't have one, and our NetBuddies classes will help you learn how to use them.

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