Monday, 7 November 2011

What a result!

Preliminary results from the Bonfire are coming in. All figures to be confirmed later, but this is the latest estimated position.
Attendance - well over 1,000
Cars - 250 parked officially, plus lots more in the village
Proceeds - in the region of £1000 each to St Andrew's Church, Aller Village Hall and Aller Playing Field.

West Saxons (captain: Alfred The Great) 1, Vikings (captain: Guthrum Ikea) 0

Well done to all the team. You saw the show, now get the T-shirt. Contact Rupert on 01458 259322.

If you missed it for any reason, catch up at our Community Coffee event on 15th Nov at the Village Hall, 10am. We hope to show pictures and video on the big screen.

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