Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Happy Birthday DragonFlyer - Happy New Year Aller

Hardly credit that DF is now over a year old. In that time we have posted a total of 86 articles, grown from just 6 pages to over 26 (including the linked Parish Council site) and have had over 8,550 visits to pages on the main DragonFlyer site, with a peak of 1500
in November, thanks to 300 people interested in the Bonfire celebrations.

We are not getting as many people in the village visiting as we hoped, a surprising number still don't know about it and those that do are not regular visitors. Use Twitter, Facebook etc as well as word of mouth to get the information out to your friends and neighbours. We also get very few comments, even on what are locally important and sometimes controversial topics. To add a comment, you simply need to click on the red 'comments' text at the bottom of the post. We have changed the web addresses to something more memorable (www.alleronline.co.uk and www.aller.org.uk) in the hope that more people will visit regularly for updates.

Let's make 2012 a good year for news and a great year for Aller.

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