Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Living Willow Structure for the Diamond Jubilee

There were many suggestions in the Aller Survey last year on how to mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee with a permanent reminder. One idea that encompassed several other suggestions, was to build a living willow shelter to house a seat for the "grown ups" to sit in on or near the rec.
The Parish Council is funding the structure, however, rather than pay someone to build the structure we thought it would be beneficial for a couple of members of the village to be trained to build the living willow structure, and guide other volunteers to build the shelter ourselves. We'd then have the know-how in the village to build more structures such as play tunnels for the children in the future.

The Parish Council have agreed to fund the training of two volunteers on 25th February with a view to start construction of the shelter in the next few weeks. To volunteer, please contact Tracie on 250890 or email at tadean66@gmail.com. This is an opportunity to learn a new skill while helping to build a permanent reminder in the village.

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