Sunday, 7 October 2012

Return of the Cranes 5th October

Around 70 people turned up to watch the latest RSPB produced film about the Great Crane Project “Return of the Cranes”, in the Village Hall on Friday.

The film follows on from the 2010 “Crane Country” film and catches up on the story of the Great Crane Project, showing the daily challenges faced by the project team as they attempt to re-establish a population of cranes in the south-west of England.

Although not currently available for purchase, the film can be viewed on line via the Great Crane Project website using the following link.

The film was followed by a very informative talk on the Project from Damon Bridge from the Great Crane Project and film producer Nick Upton. Progress of the Cranes currently residing near aller can be followed via Damon's Blog.

More information about the project itself can be found on the Great Crane Project website where you can also find out how you can help the project.

Many thanks to David Martin and Damon for organising the event.

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  1. You can view the film online if you missed it at the Village Hall. Just paste this link into your browser.


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