Friday, 23 November 2012

More about the Bonfire

Many thanks to all who helped make the 2012 Bonfire a huge success.  Rupert Little sends the following message:

"Another year, another large pile of smoking ashes: A big thank you to all those, near and far, who came and helped put on the bonfire again this year – the build team, the marshals and tickets teams and the clearer-upers on Sunday morning. A particular thank you to the Marshals and Ticket Teams who get all the hard work and none of the glory!  Its a big ask for a small village, and though we have excellent helpers from the wider community, it would not be possible but for the ‘Aller spirit’ (whatever that might be – answers on a postcard please...), so thank you, especially if you had your driveway blocked! Finally, a big thank you to all those of you who came and enjoyed the spectacle, and who make burning an enormous ship seem worthwhile!"

There is an Aller Bonfire Facebook page that has additional information and pictures available.

Paul Lines, who provides photographs for the Langport Leveller (which just won Somerset Business of the Year Award for small businesses 2012) also has a photostream on his website here.

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