Wednesday, 16 January 2013

NetBuddies seeks new learners

NetBuddies, which runs classes on the basics of using computers and the internet, is looking to recruit more new learners from Aller. At the moment we have put our classes on hold because the numbers are too low. We need 6 - 8 people attending regularly to make it viable.
The move towards more online and less face-to-face involvement with public services means everyone needs to have some basic computer skills and the confidence to use them. Universal JobMatch is now all online and later this year the online Universal Credit will replace a whole list of individual benefits. Government at all levels is moving to digital to save money; you won't be able to avoid it, whatever your age.
Call Pam on 250603 if you want to join a course. You don't need a computer to start, we have some that you can use at the Village Hall where we meet.

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