Friday, 31 May 2013

Have you ever visited Glastonbury Abbey?

Three ArchesOnly 12 miles from Aller, people visit for one of three reasons. Firstly, they want to see a living Christian sanctuary that may have been the site of the oldest church in the country. Second, to see the possible burial place of King Arthur, but the third reason is simply for peace and quiet.
The relative seclusion of the 36 acres provides the perfect atmosphere for people who want to forget their hectic daily lives, and take it easy.
The tranquil settings of the Duck and Fish ponds allow visitors to get lost in their thoughts. They also provide ideal picnic spots. In addition, children can feed the ducks or run around in the lush expanse of open parkland whilst their parents take a well-earned nap under a suitable tree.
There are over 250 trees in the grounds, many of which have wooden seats or benches under them so guests can sit and ponder in peace, and in the shade. Once visitors leave the hustle and bustle of the Town and enter the Abbey grounds they move into a very different world where calm, beauty and above all peace are the orders of the day.
Please click here find out more about the Abbey Grounds or here to help save the ancient ruins.

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