Friday, 4 October 2013

Talk on Aller Island Archaeological Dig - Tuesday 12 November - 7.30pm

Over the rather wet summer and autumn of 2012 a community excavation, carried out as part of the 'Lost Islands of Somerset' Project, discovered a wealth of hitherto unknown archaeological sites. These ranged from prehistoric barrows, to a Bronze Age well, Iron Age and Bronze Age enclosures, Iron Age defences and Romano-British field systems and a horseshoe shaped oven. Over 30 local people and students took part in the work, learning new skills as well as adding greatly to our knowledge of the fascinating past of Aller Island. The excavations on the island of Aller revealed fascinating evidence for human activity going back over 3,500 years. 

There will be an illustrated talk by Dr Richard Brunning of Somerset County Council Heritage Service, in Aller Village Hall on Tuesday 12th November. The discoveries that were made during this work from sites of Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman, Dark Age and Saxon date will be presented and  and some of the finds from the excavation will be available for people to see.

The talk starts at 7.30pm and and entry is FREE. There will also be some heritage books for sale.