Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Surviving Winter

Know someone who is vulnerable to the cold this winter? 
Last year it is estimated that there were almost 400 winter-related deaths in Somerset. The majority were people over 65. For every death dozens more suffer great hardship simply because they cannot afford to stay warm and maintain a reasonable quality of life.
Following the extensive flooding the scope of the fund includes people who have been most affected and are experiencing financial hardship as a result. 
The Surviving Winter programme offers grants of between £125 and £250 to help pay for winter fuel. The eligibility criterion is quite simple. 60 years or over and surviving solely on the state pension (although there are some allowances of other income and those “nearly” 60). The higher level of grant is for those with health issues, mobility problems, from remote locations and over 85s. Please look out for your neighbours. Anyone in the village needing help from the scheme can contact Ivor Dixon on 01458 250603.
So far this year, the Somerset Community Foundation award-winning Surviving Winter campaign has raised over an incredible £66,000. Please help them reach the goal of raising £100,000 for vulnerable older people this winter.  You can donate online using the link below.

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