Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Flooding update

A very well attended meeting at Aller Village Hall last night heard Peter Maltby, chair of the Inland Drainage Board and one of our local farmers, clarify the situation of flooding and water management affecting the area. Peter outlined the present situation, which is likely to persist for some time before things return completely to normal, and also spoke of some of the medium and long term measures that may take place once water levels subside. The concensus is that the measures being adopted will ensure that the situation in the village does not deteriorate, but it may be some days before we see the benefit of the pumps now being put in place.
The latest situation update from EA is here.
A more detailed update on the pumping strategy, supporting the discussion at the village hall, is also provided here.
Although there was criticism of the level of response from EA at a management level, there was gratitude and thanks expressed to all the operations staff, emergency services, plus the large number of volunteers, who have worked tirelessly to keep things as near normal as possible.
Supplementary information, just received from the Police, including details of a meeting at Huntworth tonight is available here. This document has information about local emergency contact points and organisations, as well as safety information for those in flooded areas.

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