Thursday, 13 February 2014

Work on Sowy River (Parrett Relief Channel)

The EA today agreed that as a reassurance measure they will visit and leaflet properties on Aller Drove and those at the drove end of Church Path before any operation of the sluice at Monksleaze Clyse. This is purely to ensure that residents are kept informed and not that they need to take action. There will also be an email which will circulate as and when received.
If you want to be directly informed, please leave your address with a Parish Councillor or Aller Bush Telegraph rep and we will add your name to the email list. (email addresses will not be passed on, simply used for internal village communications.)
 We have also been informed that the EA plan to do some work on the access track along the Parrett near to the Spillway. This is for access and not an indication of any problems with the River Bank. The latest information from the Police, EA, and an A5 version of the map circulated at Tuesday's meeting is on the noticeboard in the Pound and we will try to keep it up to date as more information arives.
The latest news from the EA is available on the Parish Council web site (link on left).

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