Sunday, 23 March 2014

Aller Bush Telegraph goes digital

The Aller Bush Telegraph has for a number of years provided a great way to pass information around the village, thanks to the efforts of Catherine Saber and her team of volunteers. We're trying to make it even better and more efficient, while imposing less on the generosity and time of those volunteers.
Many of you already receive ABT news by email. We are about to start using an email newsletter that will replace paper communications. Obviously, not everyone has email, so copies will be posted on the various village notice boards and we hope that neighbours will ensure that any vulnerable people without email will hear important news by word of mouth.
We will be using the same system that the Parish Council used for flood information, and that means, if you are not presently on the list, we need your email address and at least a post code. It won't be passed on to anyone else and will only be used for village communications. At present we estimate we have about half of the properties in the village covered. Please fill in the form below, as soon as possible, and encourage your friends and neighbours to do likewise, so we can add you to the list and you don't miss out on important village information.
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