Thursday, 6 March 2014

Returning to nearly normal

The Environment Agency issued their newsletter today, including the following paragraphs.

Take care in the clean up
People starting to return to their homes after flooding are reminded to take care and stay safe and particularly be aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide and possible electrocution.
  • It is dangerous to operate any electrical devices or machinery in wet conditions, such as flooded properties.
  • Never use outdoor petrol or diesel generators indoors, even in the event of a power cut, as the exhaust fumes may contain carbon monoxide which can kill in a confined space such as a home
  • After being flooded, remember not to turn on gas or electrics until they have been checked by a qualified technician.
The falling water levels mean that the boat operating between Langport and Muchelney will be replaced by a BV206 all-terrain vehicle from today.

The Highways teams have been out inspecting the roads in the Moorland and North Curry area to identify what needs to be repaired and work is beginning on these repairs today. Plus work to clear the road in Burrowbridge is starting.

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