Friday, 16 May 2014

Changes to DragonFlyer

It's more than three years ago that we started DragonFlyer as a village web site to keep residents of Aller and the surrounding area abreast of what was happening here. It proved its worth in the recent floods and we now regularly get around 2,500 - 3,000 page 'hits' a month on this site, and a similar number on the Parish Council site at
Originally it was managed by a small team of residents, but numbers involved have decreased and we need some new blood. It is also long overdue for a major re-design and update. The Parish Council have agreed to fund the hosting of the site and Greg Perkins and Ivor Dixon are coordinating the changes, as part of a drive for better communications around the village. If anyone else is interested in helping - you don't need to be a computer expert - let either of us know, or post a comment below. We also want suggestions for improvements and changes - it is for you, so it needs to be relevant, up to date and easy to use, but we know it could be improved. Village organisations with a page on the site need to provide updated details of their activities.
Changes in hosting may mean the site goes down for a couple of days over the next two weeks. We'll try to keep the disruption to a minimum by doing it at a time when there is less traffic, but if one day you find it isn't there, don't panic - it will be back!

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