Thursday, 19 June 2014

Watch out! There may be burglars about.

There are reports of a burglary in Aller when a quantity of cash was stolen.The vehicle involved was a white Ford Transit with two white male occupants. The registration is EF55TMZ.
David Martin, who runs Neighbourhood Watch, reports: 'I realise the hot weather makes many people leave doors open or unlocked, windows open etc, but it only takes a minute or less, for somebody to "help themselves". When I was delivering the Roundabout and the Leveller in the village last week, front doors not fastened, keys hanging in the lock, windows open and the occupants away on holiday, etc. All very well saying it will not happen to me, but this latest incident is a "wake-up call" to us all, Lock it or lose it !!!!!!!!!!!! '
A lot of insurance policies do not cover your property if there are no signs of forcible entry, if downstairs windows have window locks which are not used, etc. Garden sheds and garages are also vulnerable.
The other message is to beware of phone calls, supposedly from your bank or even from the police asking for Bank details, they will never ask for this. Don't give them away.