Friday, 12 December 2014

Meeting for Aller businesses - Tuesday 16th December

As time continues to pass and the A372 remains closed – there is a continuing impact upon businesses in Aller.

A meeting has been arranged for businesses in Aller, to gather your views on what could be done to improve things for your business?
  • We know that the roadworks have to happen – but are there practical things that we could ask for to improve things for you?
  • Could we put together a marketing campaign based around, for example, an event in Aller once the road reopens to re engage your customers?
  • Are there other things that you have been thinking about and wishing that you could make happen?
  • What do we need to lobby about?
This is a really hard time for your business – and the time has come that we need a big united Aller voice to make some positive things happen for your business community.

Please come along to The Old Pound Inn – Aller
Tuesday 16th December at 11am
Bring as many business people affected by the road closure as you can!
This meeting has been arranged by: Nicola Bailey - Business Village Agent