Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Marketing Somerset

Nicky Bailey, our local Business Village Agent, is trying to improve the marketing of Somerset as a tourist destination following last year's adverse publicity from the flooding. She writes:

As you know... I have been working with many businesses across Somerset whose performance is affected by the numbers of visitors coming into the county.  The feedback I have received is that visitor numbers were down during 2014  and the coverage of the flooding in the media created a negative perception of Somerset as a flood zone – putting people off visiting.

If this is the case – as a county we need to address this, and I would like to collect your thoughts as business owners with regards to what needs to be done, and whether there is indeed a significant problem that needs to be addressed?  I need your participation in order to provide the evidence to secure the funding for a Somerset marketing campaign to happen.

I would be grateful if you could please spend a couple of minutes completing this short survey on Survey Monkey and if you know others that would like to have a say... please forward this message?

Kind regards,
Nicola Bailey 
Business Village Agent

Tel: 01823 331222
07711 251334