Tuesday, 6 January 2015

River Sowy & King’s Sedgemoor Drain enhancement options 2016

Extract from Somerset Levels and Moors: reducing the risk of flooding:

The Environment Agency has completed an initial investigation of different options to enhance the capacity of the River Sowy and King’s Sedgemoor Drain. By increasing the capacity of the river system the aim is to reduce the risk, depth and duration of future flooding. The Environment Agency has carried out this assessment on behalf of the Somerset Levels and Moors 20 year flood action plan partners. 
The Environment Agency would like to hear your views about the options and for you to list your priorities. This information will then be presented to the Somerset Levels and Moors flood action plan partners to make a decision about how the Environment Agency allocates the £6 million Local Growth Fund that has been identified for 2016. Please help prioritise which options the Environment Agency investigates further by completing this online survey. The survey is open until 9 January 2015. 
The local land drainage interests are unanimous in their view that the option C and D in the report (increase capacity of River Sowy) should be the most important and option E (water spreading) should be the last resort.
Hopefully everyone in the Parish will agree that we must do every thing possible to avoid wide spread flooding again, and will fill in the survey. It needs to be completed by Friday 9th Jan.