Friday, 6 February 2015

Flood Resilience - latest from EA

You can read the latest update on the work in Somerset from the Environment Agency here. If you are interested, there is a similar document for the wider Wessex Area here. Obviously, in the aftermath of last year's flooding, a considerable amount of work is being done, in an effort to prevent anything similar happening again.
The Environment Agency are organising a meeting in the Village Hall to explain to residents the way that the Trigger Points will work in generating flood warnings. They want to establish a network of wardens in the village to ensure everyone receives the warnings, if necessary, in a timely way, and to help with emergency evacuation, or moving furniture upstairs, should it be necessary. More details when we have a date for the meeting.
This is part of creating a resilient flood plan for Aller, helping us become more aware of what to do in the event of a flood, how to become more self-reliant and knowing when to take action and what to do as a community. Local contact: Jackie Colson at
This project is jointly coordinated by EA and the County Council, and we will have access to some limited funding for supplies and equipment to be held locally. If you have any suggestions of the sort of things that should be considered, get in touch with Jackie or your Parish Councillor. It is probably better to think of all emergencies, not limit it to flooding.
The Somerset Rivers Authority is now set up and funding has been increased so some things may happen rather faster than was first anticipated.

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