Monday, 14 September 2015

Grape Harvest - Pickers Required

Laura and Guy from Aller Hill Vineyard are looking for grape harvesters and would like you to join them this year.

Picking should start on Saturday 10th October or Saturday 17th October although these dates may change due to the weather. Please let Aller Vineyard know if you would like to go along and how many of you there will be so that they can provide a hearty lunch for everyone. They are happy to organize carpooling to reduce the number of cars at the vineyard so please give information about how many people you can take in your car or how many people in your group need a lift.

Cyclists very welcome!

There are three varieties of grapes and it is expected they will ripen at the same
 time which means the harvest should be completed in one day. At the moment it’s looking like a good harvest this year so it will be great to have people who can stay until late in the afternoon/early evening.

Layer your clothing to cope with the unpredictable weather. Wellies and waterproofs or sunhats and Factor 30--who knows? They have quite a few secateurs but would be a good idea if you could bring your own gardening gloves as a precaution.

Start at 8am Prompt
Coffee/tea at 10.15am ish
Lunch at 12.30pm ish
Coffee/tea at 3pm ish

All pickers will be paid £6.50/hour 
or the equivalent in wine when it’s ready the following spring. We are very happy that many people donate their wages to St Andrew's Church, Aller, or Save the Children. You can decide on picking day how you would like to be compensated.

Hope you can make it. As you know
, it is hard work but a lot of fun!

Laura and Guy
Aller Hill Vineyard
01458 259075

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