Sunday, 31 January 2016

St Andrews Church, Aller Roof Fund

The roof of our beautiful church is in urgent need of repair and, with invaluable support and experience of staff at the Diocese, we are currently preparing an application to 'The Listed Places of Worship: Roof Repair Fund' : a government sponsored fund established to help make the UK's listed places of worship weather-tight, safe and kept open for use.

We are not alone in needing work done on the roof with literally hundreds of churches applying for the same pot of money, there will be be real competition to secure much needed funds from this second and final round of government money.

Our case is strengthened if we can demonstrate local support for the church with our own fund raising activities. Our application seeks over £90,000 in funding towards the work identified in the last Quinquennial Report and we meet many of the criteria for the funding. Our bid includes a commitment to raise £7,000 from local funds and trusts. At least 3/4 of this will come from trusts our team at the Diocese have already identified, but any fundraising we can do locally will really help us secure the bulk of the money needed to make good the roof so the church is here and in good condition at the heart of the community for everyone to use and enjoy for generations!

If you would like further information, make a donation or get involved please contact

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