Monday, 23 May 2016

Lock it or lose it!

An important note from our village Neighbourhood Watch organiser about minimising risk of opportunist theft, which is on the rise.

"Around 7.30pm Saturday evening a person dressed in a "Hoodie" wheeled a motorbike out of a garage whilst the owner and his family were eating a meal in the room next door. He was observed and chased, where upon he dropped the motorbike and ran off. The Police were contacted but as the motorbike was recovered, did not attend. Did anybody see suspicious people in a van on Saturday etc?

I went to warn some people whose e-mail addresses I have not been given, one particular house, garage wide open, lots of valuable items on show, no answer to front door bell or knocking on front door. Back door wide open and no answer when I called out, I then knocked on door, no reply. I then undid the side gate and enter back garden where the occupiers were. The moral is either "Lock it or lose it", especially when it is made so easy for the "Light fingered" brigade."

There is useful information about keeping your property safe on the Aller Parish Council website here.