As well as finding out what's going on in the village via the websites and the Parish Council's Facebook and Twitter feeds, Aller is also served by the Aller Bush Telegraph, an electronic newsletter system that allows us to communicate quickly and efficiently any items that are important to the village.

We need to keep our village mailing list up to date to ensure we have all current details correct, and cover as many households as possible.

If you have an email address, this is the easiest way for us to contact you. We would prefer a private, personal address rather than a works one, but realise that may not be possible. We use an automated e-mail system (MailChimp) that sends individually to each recipient, and your contact details are not visible to anyone else. It allows us to communicate directly with sections of the village, based on postcode.

To join the village mailing list, fill in the form HERE. Only parishoners may apply. All information is held under the requirements of the Data Protection Act, and will only be used for direct communication about village matters.

We realise that some people are off-line and do not receive emails or other digital communications, and we need to ensure that they also get important news, that is why we ask for a street address and telephone number as well as your email and postcode. Good neighbours will, we hope, ensure that anyone close to them is informed.

If you have any questions, please contact Ivor Dixon (01458 250603).