This is a page devoted to the efforts to build a better community in Aller.
We'll use it to get village organisations talking to each other, to try to highlight (even solve!) some of the issues raised in the recent parish survey. Please bookmark it and return to it frequently, it will change!

Community Coffee 2013
From now on the day and time may vary, depending on the host. Check below for the times and dates organised so far (more hosts and dates are welcome)
Aller Village Hall
Tuesday 21st May : 10.00am - midday (Parish Council)
Other dates to be confirmed subject to demand and availability of volunteers.

We need to ensure anyone who is housebound or may otherwise have difficulty attending gets to hear about it and is included in future events. It is for ALL the village.

We may need to consider evening events for those at work or otherwise unavailable during the day.  Any offers to host/organise an evening version? Suggestions using the comment box below so the debate is public. Please leave your name
This is a chance to get together as a village to discuss the results of the recent village survey. One common response was that we wanted more opportunities to meet and for different organisations to work more closely together. This is it!
  • Coffee available
  • See and discuss the results of the Village Survey. Put some of the suggestions into action.
  • Table Top sales for Crafts, Produce, Village organisations, Charities etc 
  • Free WiFi - bring your smart phone or laptop.
  • Computers available with free Internet access, help on hand for novice users. Learn how to contribute to the Aller DragonFlyer web site.


  1. If anyone has pictures or video of the Aller Bonfire, or preparations for the event, bring them along on Tuesday. We want to try to make a complete record of the event.

  2. Table-top sales can be for your own produce or crafts, or to raise money for your organisation or chosen charity. No bric-a-brac or jumble, but if someone wants to organise, say, an exchange for kids' clothes it might just work.


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