This page provides basic information about our village newsletter, with a map of the village and contact details for the production team. Our thanks to the Parish Council and the Village Hall Committee, and to funding from Talk About Local for making it possible.

Contacts: (click on name to send an e-mail)

Webmaster: Ivor Dixon Tel: 01458 250603
Content and Editorial: Chiggy Little Tel: 01458 250636
St Andrew's News: Celia Kozlowski-Mayor Tel: 01458 253623
Aller Bush Telegraph: Ivor Dixon
Pam Robinson Tel: 01458 252441
Aller Park Rangers FC: Steve Morrison   
Parish Council: Greg Perkins 

To make this newsletter a lively reflection of village life, we need your input and comments to make it serve a real purpose in our community. It's good to see new items arriving in the Blog and we hope that all the village organisations will soon be taking part. We are just one of many villages around the country which have done similar things, but we like to think Aller is a little bit special.

Our organisers and page managers are all from within the village, but they rely on you to feed news items into the system. If you are interested in seeing your organisation news appearing here, in contributing articles, photos etc. or just being involved in supporting the project, please let us know. If you need instructions on how to make a contribution, add pictures or supply information in compatible formats, speak to Ivor Dixon on 250603.

On some pages, and on most posts on the home page we allow the public to make comments. Please use this facility, it shows that someone is reading the information, and justifies the effort that goes into making this project work for the village. All we ask is that you identify yourself, instructions on how to comment are shown above the comments box itself, which will appear on posts once you click on the red text that says 'comments'.

Map of Aller

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